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Shared Hosting with 15 Dedicated IP Addresses

January 12th, 2011 2 comments

If you use or have used shared web hosting services then you probably know that with shared hosting you have a shared IP address. If you want a dedicated IP address you must pay for it a monthly fee. Of course, if you rent a VPS or a dedicated server then at least 2 IP addresses are included per account.

Recently I found a web hosting company that offers 15 (fifteen) dedicated IP addresses with each shared hosting plan. So, if you need a bunch of IPs then check out the following site:

Compared to other web hosting offers this one is a bargain because  15 IP addresses alone would cost about $22,5 ($1,5 per IP). Additionally, you can register up to 2 domain names for free. And the price for all of this Рless than $8 per month.

Why Not To Choose Cheap Web Site Hosting Services?

February 17th, 2010 2 comments

Competition¬†among web hosting companies¬†is fierce. In most cases low price is the main competitive advantage of web hosting providers – from their point of view. It is their “unique selling preposition”. They offer the best deals for the cheapest price. Unfortunately, in modern world web hosting already is affordable, if not to say cheap.

If some time ago you had to pay for shared hosting $20-$40 per month then today you can host your web site for under $9 a month with a reliable web hosting company. The KEY word here is “reliable”. If web hosting service costs a few bucks a month is it really gainfully for you to save 2 or 3 dollars a month and choose really cheap hosting, when in case the server is down or you need a quick fix for your website, you must wait a few hours for an answer from support? Sometimes even 24 hours. Of course, you saved a few bucks. But how much money did you lose while your web site was not accessible to visitors when the server was down?

I think, it is better to choose a reliable quality web hosting than cheap one, because your web site is more valuable than money you pay for its hosting.

Sometimes you can get a better price if you sign up for a yearly hosting plan. If you do not want to risk then at first you could test the quality of web hosting services choosing a monthly hosting plan. If you are satisfied with a server and support quality for a two or three months, then you can switch to another plan where you make a payment for 12 months (or more) in advance and receive a discount.

So, before a buying web hosting service for your e-commerce or personal web site, think again, what is more important to you – cheapness or reliability.