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Source of Internet Business Websites Revealing Their Profits

May 13th, 2009 Comments off

In my opinion, the main problem new businessmen meet when starting online business is related to choosing the right market niche. There are millions of web sites in the Internet. There are both non-profit and for-profit websites.  The truth is, most of the websites do not generate any profit. How could you choose the right direction? In perfect world it would be great if any web site you visit would show you their financial statements, for example, the number of unique visitors per month, income per month, advertising and total expenses per month and monthly profit amount. It would be great for market research purposes. You would know which websites generate a huge income and wich – small. You would know which web businesses are most profitable and which – the least profitable. After all, why reinvent the wheel? On the basis of your market (competitor) research, you could simply create a similar internet business.

Although in real world we cannot get such information from the web sites we visit, we can get the same information (and much more) from SitePoint marketplace where premium and established websites are being sold.

Just browse these listings and read descriptions of listed websites (=web businesses). If you have enough money for investments, you can buy websites you are interested in. If do not have much money, then research most profitable websites and later try to create something similar. These websites for sale could be a great inspirational resource of new ideas for your next profitable online business.