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Deadbeat Millionaire Review

May 13th, 2011 Comments off

If you haven’t heard of Dan Brock’s latest money making software, listen careful right now. Dan’s well known for completely overdelivering in his products, and his new automated “Deadbeat Millionaire” software is no exception.

Back in November 2010, Dan’s Deadbeat Super Affiliate training changed the affiliate marketing industry for good, and now he’s decided to take it to the next level. His Deadbeat Millionaire software is a completely done-for-you automation software not only automates the process of setting up the same kind of high converting websites that make him over $25,000 per month, it also helps automatically drive buying traffic straight to your affiliate websites.

One aspect of it that I really like is not only automates the process, but that he even gives you his own personal websites that earn money for him on a daily basis. You can use them for yourself to make money, and you can also learn a lot about creating successful affiliate sites by dissecting what he did to create them.

Here’s where it gets really cool:

He picks specific niches and shows you exactly how he’d go about promoting them. He even provides you with indepth affiliate intellegence about each niche so you know exactly how to promote it – Not only which keywords to go after, but where to get multiple sources of traffic, where to find back links, and pre-written articles based around the niche so all the work is done for you.

But it doesn’t stop there…

For free, every single month, he continues to provide you with more niche training and done for you websites as he discovers new niches to make money in. This is such a great feature because it makes it easy for you to stay on the pulse of the industry.

You can check out Dan Brock’s Deadbeat Millionaire software here.

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Project Black Mask Scam

February 18th, 2010 2 comments

The ebook Project Black Mask contains the kind of stealthy, underground and downright nasty techniques (it seems, they are stolen from the successful and rich internet money-makers) which the Day Job Killer team is widely renowned for. It is very short and straight to the point, less than 100 pages and is extremely easy to read. Frankly, at the beginning it looked like a scam, but in fact it has no fluff, no hype, no outdated black hat redundant techniques that doesn’t work any more. The techniques are being used right now by a few people in-the-know who are making a killing with it online.

Project Black Mask techniques shows affiliates how to avoid losing money on PPC campaigns like Adwords: it reveals more powerful and effective alternative ways for the average affiliate to make money from Google other than having to buy expensive clicks…and then handing the profits right back to pay for the campaign costs. Without the Google secrets contained in this ebook, it is near impossible to make substantial money online without risking unbearable amounts buying PPC traffic and losing the shirt off your back in the process.

The ebook exposes all the misleading myths about making money with Google Adsense: most people will NEVER make more than pocket change from Adsense…while a few savvy individuals make millions of dollars every year. Google’s Dirty Little Secret reveals the whole truth about what is really going on behind the scenes, why most of the Adsense guides out there are worse than useless and how the smart few underground Adsense multi-millionaires are making a killing, laughing all the way to the bank every single day of their lives…and explains how to easily copy their secret formula to grab a piece of the Google mountain of wealth that awaits every one who discovers the formula of Project Black Mask.

Affiliate Commandments – 1 Keyword, 1 Ad, 2 Weeks – $10,000

February 12th, 2010 4 comments

I came across a website about a week ago called “Affiliate Commandments”. It looked interesting, so I bought it (I mean – why not, if it is under $10 and has a money back guarantee?)

Check it out here.

The crazy thing that hooked me in was the fact that in his manual, he showed exactly how he used one ad, and one only keyword and was able to generate more than $10,000 in just two weeks.

Can you imagine using his blueprint with hundreds of keywords and hundreds of ads? Frankly, I have never heard of anything like that before. And I have been making money online for several years.

When push comes to shove, and at under a $10, grabbing his blueprint is a complete no brainer. By the way, I learned two brand new affiliate tricks from this man, and have even started to put them into motion with my marketing. The better price for this is around $60, not $10. Of course that’s just my opinion.

Go now, grab his manual:

I do, however, recommend that you at least check out his site, and if it’s not worth $10 to you, get a refund. I highly doubt you will though because it is worth much more than he’s selling it for!