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Affiliate Black Book Review

June 26th, 2013

Recently a new version of Affiliate Black Book has been released. In case you don’t have a time to read my opinion about this course by X Factor Marketing then here is the official site of Affliate Black Book.

If you have studied the author’s previous books or courses you know his information is not rehashed from other ebooks. But know I want to tell you more about the most recent version of Affiliate Black Book online marketing system.

  1. A proven, sustainable, scalable business model.
  2. A long-term online business plan that works even when you are sleeping.
  3. Predictable, automated (passive) income.
  4. Builds highly targeted lists of people ready to buy.

Affiliate Black Book is a blueprint for building passive income online using paid traffic. If you a fan of free traffic (SEO, social networks) then this guide is not for you. You will not find any hidden SEO method. In short, this system is about the following:

  1.  Find a unique product Рeasy if you know the right strategy.
  2. Create a simple high-value website – forget everything you think you know.
  3. Drive paid traffic using Adwords and Adcenter focusing on specific keywords.

I like that Mr. X offers two payment options. The cheapest options is: only the course as pdf file. If you can afford to invest more in your business education then in addition to this book (170 pages) you can subscribe to a monthly membership (more supplemental information – webinars, video modules, special WordPress plugin, elite training materials, monthly updates etc.).

Frankly, for the information Affiliate Black Book includes, its price is low. For example, Davids Valleries 6-in-6 Program costs about $500 with discounts.

Get Affiliate Black Book here.

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