Free Gifts, Why Would a Company Bother?

Why would a reputable business send its customers free gifts? Are you sceptical of this marketing strategy? Since you are probably well aware that nothing is completely free, here are some explanations for the “free gifts” offer. No, nothing is free without good reason, but, then again, some things really are free.

When someone gives you a gift that you like, you talk about it; you tell all of your friends. Companies thrive on this word-of-mouth advertising, and it is the number one reason a company is willing to wine and dine you with quality free gifts. The higher quality the gift, the more you will advertise it. Every successful business is well aware of this strategy.

People tend to be very brand loyal. This is also a popular reason for companies to decide to mail out free gifts. You may not buy from a no-name company, but people rarely refuse free gifts. Enticing you with free gifts is a very smart way for new businesses, or established businesses with a new product line, to draw in customers who have been previously settled elsewhere. And again, if the product is of high quality, you are much more likely to end up switching brands.

Free gifts with purchase are a clever way for companies to sell consumers on higher-priced items. While it is certainly tempting to purchase a product, it has already caught your eye, when it comes with free gifts, you may be under the impression that this free gift somehow cheapens your purchase. This is untrue. The free gifts given with larger purchases are usually yours to keep, whether or not you end up returning your purchase. It would not be smart of a company to mail out free gifts with a faulty or defective product. If they thought you might actually return the main purchase, they would not have offered you free gifts. In this way, offers of free gifts actually ensure a quality product.

As you can see, there are many good reasons why you are being offered free gifts from manufacturers. And, taking advantage of these offers is not naive; on the contrary, it is the smart-shopper thing to do.