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Shared Hosting with 15 Dedicated IP Addresses

January 12th, 2011 2 comments

If you use or have used shared web hosting services then you probably know that with shared hosting you have a shared IP address. If you want a dedicated IP address you must pay for it a monthly fee. Of course, if you rent a VPS or a dedicated server then at least 2 IP addresses are included per account.

Recently I found a web hosting company that offers 15 (fifteen) dedicated IP addresses with each shared hosting plan. So, if you need a bunch of IPs then check out the following site:

Compared to other web hosting offers this one is a bargain becauseĀ  15 IP addresses alone would cost about $22,5 ($1,5 per IP). Additionally, you can register up to 2 domain names for free. And the price for all of this – less than $8 per month.