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Page One Evolution Review

February 4th, 2013 Comments off

Aidan Booth just shared a really cool and motivating case study with me.

I love case studies like this. It always inspires me to work a little harder and start trying new and evolving traffic strategies.

Aidan was telling me about 2 of his students (they were total “newbies” getting started online) who just COPIED exactly what Aidan was doing. And as I write this, they’ve been able to get 212 top 10 rankings and 600 visitors per day on their FIRST EVER websites!

After hearing all the recent Google horror stories, and having to listen to forum junkies talk about how “SEO is dead”, I can’t tell you how motivating this is to hear.

Plain and simple. SEO is NOT dead, and it never will be. As long as there are search engines, there will be SEO. And as long as there’s SEO, there is potential for TONS of free traffic to our sites. We just need to evolve the way we do things. This is exactly what Aidan has been able to do so well.

Click here for the full story.

And the rankings he and his students got weren’t a fluke either…

In fact, they managed to do the SAME thing on their SECOND websites as well…

…and best of all, the system is generating massive amounts of revenue. This type of targeted traffic converts!

What’s even more surprising is that they’ve hardly done ANY “tedious, mind boggling” methods, and they’ve achieved their results super quick.

It turns out they’ve been benefiting from an intriguing study that identified a special set of 10 “Power-Links” and an even stranger set of 21 “Engagement Hacks”…
Yeah, it sounds weird, but it’s the terminology Aidan came up with. It makes total sense once you hear what it is.

Read the whole story about page one evolution here:

I’m going to take what I learned from this, and apply it exactly like his students did, and I suggest you do the same.
Bring on the traffic! 🙂

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