7 Ways To Backup A Computer

Windows Backup/Restore

Windows 10 also has its own feature for backup, “System Restore”, which is automated to rescue your PC’s data in case of hard drive failure or infection. You can find it by going through Accessories–> System Tools—> Backup, and follow the instruction wizard to back up your computer.

Time Machine

This feature is available for Mac users. Time Machine is a built-in program in Mac PCs. You can restore your files after backing up, rescue a version of a single file from several months ago or to the previously saved point.


Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks is the easiest method to back up a computer, and comes with different versions RAID0 and RAID1 and also supported to modern PCs. In this method two identical hard drives used at a time and each data are saved in both hard drive, you can say ‘mirroring the data’. So if one hard drive is damaged or crushed, you can get back your data from another hard drive. But due to its copying nature, the viruses could infect both hard drives. So it is not a good method for backup a computer.


The last and common way to backup a computer is to store your data in any of this magnetic disc. It is a cheaper way to create copies of your important files, but in this method, you are bound to buy rewritable discs, because if you use CD-R then you need to burn an entirely new disc to update your backup. This is not good to store large data because max DVD capacity is 8.5-12 GB. But Blue-ray Disc gives flexibility for those creative types who don’t want to shell out for a new hard drive every time, it provides a capacity of 25-GB so you can use it if you run out of the storage on PC.